Defend… or attack?

In a recent post on GigaOm, Mathew Ingram looks at what he thinks traditional media companies need to learn from startups (following an also rich piece by Anil Dash and his presentation. Its a very interesting perspective.

The media business is not disapearing; it’s “just” completely changing. We live in a world that has much more information fluxes than any era in our past. And the role of media companies has always been to “mediate” the information fluxes. That mediation is more necessary now than ever was before. The problem is that other companies than the media are doing it, launching services that take advantage of technology to curate and filter information to meet the need of information consumers.

Why can’t media companies do it? Mathew Ingram lists some of the reasons. Most media companies are more focused on defending it’s past than conquering it’s future. They are like old animals in a jungle crowded with lethal predators (that don´t want the pray but only it’s nourish). The more they try to preserve its traditional profits in the new media landscape, the more they loose new ones. The other reason is that even the efforts many media companies do to stay ahead with change are limited by the constraints its internal bureaucracy imposes on them. Media should create fully independent teams or even new outside companies with none but one tie to the old: full acess to it’s content.

The content media companies have at its disposal, either archived or daily produced, is its great advantage in today’s highly competitive media landscape. The problem is that many times they just don´t know how to use it other than in it’s paper or website formats. In some cases they don’t even suspect there can be other uses for it.

An independent or outside unit, hoghy focused on inovation through technology, would call most today media companies its paradise. They just call it their hell!


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