O futuro dos jornalistas

Este artigo da Technology Review do MIT sobre o futuro dos jornais e revistas é muito interessante e tem algumas ideias inovadoras. Merece uma leitura atenta.

Mas, ainda melhor é  reacção virulenta (e desproporcionada, na realidade…) do leitor Duane Pierce. Merece ser transcrita porque, como se diz em português, “parte a loiça toda”:

“You and your ilk are like the monks of Gutenberg’s time. You have been sole owners of the knowledge and tools for so long, you feel it is a natural state and are blind to the fact that you are not God’s special flowers. Your way is not the only way and it is no longer the right way. What’s more, you might not even have a place in the new way.

It turns out that what you do isn’t that special at all. You’re being replaced by economies of scale and “amateurs.” Amateurs who can do your job better and cheaper. Because we care. Because we have the time, and because there are just so damned many of us.

Finally, lest I leave you with any scrap of comfort, let me point you to 1890 and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Here is a poem entitled “Cacoethes Scribendi” and it is the reason that despite your foolish fancies and desperate tactics, you and yours are very much in trouble.

If all the trees in all the woods were men;
And each and every blade of grass a pen;
If every leaf on every shrub and tree
Turned to a sheet of foolscap; every sea
Were changed to ink, and all earth’s living tribes
Had nothing else to do but act as scribes,
And for ten thousand ages, day and night,
The human race should write, and write, and write,
Till all the pens and paper were used up,
And the huge inkstand was an empty cup,
Still would the scribblers clustered round its brink
Call for more pens, more paper, and more ink.”


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