As grandes questões

A conferência TED2007, que se realiza entre 27 de Fevereiro e 1 de Março, em Monterey, California, terá como tema As Grandes Questões:

  • Who are We?
  • What is our place in the Universe?
  • What is Art? – is beauty just a human invention?
  • What is Love – and why are we so bad at it?
  • What is Evil? – and how do we fight it?
  • What are the most Gorgeous New Things being created in our world?
  • Are we inadvertently creating New Forms of Life?
  • What are today’s most significant Cultural Trends?
  • What will the Future be like?
  • What are the Problems I should be most worried about?
  • Who will be the next President? 
  • What will be my Legacy?
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