Is this the future of Journalism?

 Mayrav Saar, no Los Angeles Times

A woman in Venice Beach reviews “The Lion King” and declares it the best musical she’s seen — of the four she’s ever seen. In Dallas, a group of professional reporters and “citizen journalists” collaborate on a federal government exposé. And a Milwaukee news magazine’s experiment with amateur reporters yields fresh insights into city planning, fire department politics and “taco butt,” that unsightly parting of the derrière caused by too-tight denim inseams.

Is this the future of journalism?

Across the country “citizen newspapers” are springing up, full of promise, energy and atrocious spelling errors. They’re largely written by unpaid, untrained and unedited citizen reporters, who say they “commit acts of journalism” more for kicks than out of a sense of civic calling.

 A pergunta é pertinente…

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