Jay Rosen fala do NewAssignment.net

Jay Rosen falou sobre o seu projecto NewAssignment.net, já aqui abordado, num podcast do Mediaberkman. Entre as muitas coisas interessantes que Rosen diz neste podcast, destaco estas citações:

“(One of) our mission is to figure out whether there can be a ‘gift’ economy for news. A ‘gift’ economy is different than a market economy. In a ‘gift’ economy, the winners are the ones who give something of the most value away. In ancient tribal cultures, where there is a ‘gift’ economy, if you give a greater gift than your host, then you have in a sense won. The more you give away the more you win. That’s how a gift economy works. What we are trying to figure out is whether that kind of economy can support news. You could say non-profit, but it’s more than non-profit; it’s ‘gift’.”

“Today, one of the biggest things changing the world is that the cost and the difficulty for like-minded people o find each other, share information and work together is falling rapidly. This fact is going to change politics, commerce, business, education and I believe it’s gonna change journalism.”

“Right now, I would say the most likely outcome of newassignment.net is that it’s gonna fail,”

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